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"JMJ Tirdzniecības Grupa" Ltd.

Krustpils street 6,
Rīga, LV 1035

Tel: +371 67816179
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JMJ – Welded Gratings SP, Pressed Gratings PR, Profiled Gratings SR, Plastic Gratings GRP, Stairtreads for the Staircases, Spiral Winding Staircases, Vertical Stairs, Meshes

Spiral Winding Staircases

Spiral winding staircases are offered in full supply (stairtreads, rails, the supporting pole with a fastening clamp, fastening elements, platforms), which are very easy to assemble also individually. Every winding staircase is produced according to individual order, taking into consideration the specification and features of every order. Winding staircase has proven to be a durable and safe city environment architecture element in practice. The winding staircase is a good solution in construction of non-standard objects, especially in places where the space is limited (in house yards, on the roofs, in basements etc.). The winding staircase is available for the right as well as the left span.
Spiral Winding Staircases

Spiral Winding Staircases
Staircase mounted to the wall
Spiral Winding Staircases
 Railing Type 1  Railing Type 2  Railing Type 3
 Stairtread  Spiral Winding Staircases  Staircase ready for shipping
 Staircase ready for shipping