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"JMJ Tirdzniecības Grupa" Ltd.

Krustpils street 6,
Rīga, LV 1035

Tel: +371 67816179
Fax: +371 67816178
E-mail: info@jmj.lv

JMJ – Welded Gratings SP, Pressed Gratings PR, Profiled Gratings SR, Plastic Gratings GRP, Stairtreads for the Staircases, Spiral Winding Staircases, Vertical Stairs, Meshes

About Us

JMJ Tirdzniecības Grupa Ltd. is one of the leading companies in its industry. The company deals with wholesale of metal products since 2002. The company provides materials such as: welded steel grating platform, pressed platform gratings, formed steel grilles, profile gratings, stair steps, stairs, expanded steel sheets, woven netting, welded mesh, panel fences, perforated sheets, tread plates,  and road barriers.

Our advantage is - wide stock range, fast delivery and competitive prices - not only in the Latvian market.

Our experience and professional knowledge enables the professional service and competitive pricing.

Our products are well known to every business who is trying to achieve their highest quality and finished product at the best price.

Every customer will always be welcome in our office and warehouse - Krustpils Street 6, Riga.

+371 67816179

JMJ Tirdzniecības Grupa SIA

JMJ Tirdzniecības Grupa SIA ir viens no vadošajiem uzņēmumiem savā nozarē. Uzņēmums nodarbojas ar metāla izstrādājumu vairumtirdzniecību jau kopš 2002.gada. Uzņēmums piedāvā tādus materiālus kā: metinātie metāla platformu režģi, presētie metāla platformu režģi , profilētie režģi, kāpņu pakāpieni, kāpnes, cirsti vilktie sieti, pītie sieti, metinātie sieti, paneļu žogi, perforētas loksnes, rievotās loksnes un ceļu barjeras.
Krustpils 6 Rīga, LV-1035
+371 67816179